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The Diary in all its glory
The full 10,000+ word diary in 1 section

Day 1 - Traveling
The time is 1.45 in the morning, we are heading towards Dover. Everybody
has fallen asleep and I find myself pondering the next few days. What
are my beliefs? Why am I going? I find myself feeling many emotions in
relation to the trip, a new sense of journey and adventure has come to

Day 2 - Cake and vineyards everywhere
We finished breakfast of cheese and hams and preserves and then I played
chess with the young lad of the family; he beat me hands down; we are in
the middle of a game now...

Day 3 - Trier and Frankie's birthday
Well, it’s 6 in the morning; let’s just say that was the quickest six
hours ever! Today is going to be a long day too, we are going to have a
quick breakfast I think then get to Trier....

Day 4 - free day - yea right!
Soon after we left and followed Manuela to a football match; seven aside
against a German team, we walked to the football pitch which was over
the river. The ground was very wet, however the grass was good and the
game went on....

Day 5 - leaving
Ok, got up at 7.30 still tired; but had to sort out my bag ready for
leaving Ahrweiler; which did not take long. I have charged everything
over night as I may not have access to a power socket at all next week...

Day 6 - Bechen
08.09: we are going for breakfast soon which is prepared in the church
hall. I got very little sleep but better than a school floor I suppose,
plus I have a plug to charge my phone and stuff...

Day 7 - Leverkusen
Ok got up at 07.00, not good, so little sleep is starting to take its
toll. We dragged ourselves to Morning Prayer and had a bread roll and
jam (bread rolls and sausage, ahhhhhh!)

Day 8 - more catechises (arrival of the Holy Father)
07.31: we have missed Morning Prayer because we where all in comas,
incredibly tired. Got a shower this morning which is cool, so we are now
going to set of to the hall and try and grab some coffee, and another
bloody bread roll....

Day 9 - lie-in and tour of the Cathedral.
Ok, we had the lie-in woo, its now 08.45 and we are getting ready for
Mass. today we have to go to Cologne as we have a tour of the Cathedral,
expecting some good photographs I think also....

Day 10 - leaving beechen and heading to hell
Right, its 7.45 and we are up, Not had time for a shower, we just dumped
our main luggage on the coach, and had two other bags, one for the vigil
in the field and one for when we stay in the convent...

Day 11 - World Youth Day
Ok, its 05.58, its bloody freezing, morning dew has wet everything
through, including my boots, I have not been robbed though which is
nice. Got very little sleep last night, very cold, knackered and wet...

Day 12 - the end
Ok, just got back from the shower, and its official; nuns are hard! All
the showers are cold water showers, refreshing but lethal to the weak I
bet, ice bloody cold.

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