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Guild Site Usage Policy
HeavenCore operates on load balanced servers, this allows for cheaper hosting etc, however With the main use of HeavenCore being taken up in Guild Sites, a few points need to be established as follows:

1.) all sites must be maintained properly by their respective admins, moderation, for example: removing illegal content in your own forums such as cracks, hacks etc

2.) There is limited room on the server, if a Guild Site is Launched but deemed in-active, usually due to the guild not being interested, or the guild disbands, HeavenCore reserves the right to close down your site, we will however give you several Low Usage Warnings before taking any action.

3.) We offer our site for free, with no warranty or guarantees to the service quality. We will accept constructive feedback, but pointless complaints like 'OUR SITES DEAD SLOW!!!!111!!! FIX IT OR DIE' will result in your site being deleted without notice.

4.) No indecent content is to be uploaded to Galleries, forum attachments etc, if for any reason we find child pornography, indecent photographs or any other indecent material on our servers, your site will be Archived for evidence, then deleted of the live server, and the authorities will be informed.

That is all for now, the rest just use your common sense Grin

Best Regards

Mell. – HeavenCore Admin
Jordon Pilling | Heavencore Administrator
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