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Articles: Lusso Clothing Change Log
0.3.13 - Edit Product Page Set Up
0.3.13 - Edit Product Page Setup including code to fetch information from database and present a form allowing the user to edit the details.....

0.2.12 - Error prevention
0.2.12 - Error prevention added to 'add product' system checking for any missing fields, checking that a product with the same code does not already exist etc...

0.2.11 - Interface Improvments
0.2.11 - Interface Improvments added to add product system including text and information on what to do on each page, progress information.....

0.2.10 - Auto Thumbnailing
0.2.10 - Auto Thumbnailing feature added to add product script allowing the upload of any size jpg picture and the site automatically makes a thumbnail.....

0.2.09 - Add Product Script
0.2.09 - Add Product Script completed allowing a user to add products to the database

0.1.08 - Created Database Table
0.1.08 - Created Database Table To Hold Product details as follows:

0.1.07 - template and home page
0.1.07 - segmented template page into a header and footer allowing for fast, efficient development, including the implementation of the home page

0.0.06 - Terms
0.0.06 - Compiled a legal Terms And Conditions Statement

0.0.05 - Coded template page
0.0.05 - Coded template page and populated with text taken from old site and some new marketing text.

0.0.04 - Drew Header Graphic
0.0.04 - Drew Header Graphic based on orange theme using a small logo, logo edited with shadows as follows......

0.0.03 - Built CSS
0.0.03 - Built CSS (cascading style sheet) used to style the site and all its elements, a copy can be found.....

0.0.02 - Build Colour Themes
0.0.02 - Build Colour Themes based on design, colours set as follows....

0.0.01 - Initial Design Drafted
0.0.01 - Initial Design drafted on paper, chose minimalistic and simple design based on straight lines and light graphics