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Articles: Lusso Clothing Change Log
0.14.62 - general bug fixes - pre alpha
0.14.62 - general bug fixes before the main sign over of version 1....

0.14.61 - Latest Products
0.14.61 - Latest Products feature on home page, automatically displaying a picture and link of the latest 3 products in the catalogue.

0.13.54 - 0.13.60 - MAJOR Security System
0.13.54 - 0.13.60 - Security System allowing the lock-down of admin tools with several features....

0.12.53 - Product Detail page
0.12.53 - Product Detail page allowing a user to click more information on products page this new page is displayed listing a bigger picture, link to an even bigger picture, the full product description and more.

0.12.52 - View Products Page
0.12.52 - View Products Page Allowing the user to view all the categories available, utilising java the user can click a category and a list of all products are displayed instantly.

0.11.22 - Contact Us Page
0.11.22 - Contact Us Page allowing the user to fill in a form and click a button to send an email to lusso, other additional information such as phone number and address is available by this site also.

0.9.21 - Homepage revised for CMS
0.9.21 - Homepage revised for CMS system allowing any information changed under homepage on CMD admin tool to appear on the home page instantly

0.8.20 - Terms page

0.8.20 - Terms page designed to output the CMS database - Terms segment, allowing any changed information to be active on site immediately.

0.7.19 - Privacy Policy page

0.7.19 - Privacy Policy page designed to output the CMS database - Privacy segment, allowing any changed information to be active on site immediately.

0.6.18 - CMS Database Work

0.6.18 - CMS Database Work to enable the functionality of the cms tool. allowing the user to save information to the database for future editing and retrieval.

0.5.17 - CMS Admin tool
0.5.17 - CMS Admin tool added allowing the user to edit the home page text, privacy policy, and terms and conditions by simply completeing a form....

0.4.16 - Admin Menu
0.4.16 - Admin Menu setup where admins will be able to choose a tool, such as add/edit/delete products etc

0.4.15 - Delete Product images
0.4.15 - Delete Product images automatically when deleting a product has not been implemented, this will....

0.4.14 - Delete Product System
0.4.14 - Delete Product System allowing the user to remove an item from the database.

0.3.14 - Edit page Improvments
0.3.14 - Edit page Improvments including advanced error catching, more clever automation in replacing images with new ones...