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Day 12 - the end
Day 12 - the end

Well, its 04.30, and its wakey wakey time! I’m just about to go for a
shower. Breakfast is at 05.30, and we are setting of at 06.00.

Ok, just got back from the shower, and its official; nuns are hard! All
the showers are cold water showers, refreshing but lethal to the weak I
bet, ice bloody cold. Anyway, just got changed into a nice fresh outfit.
We are now on the coach and ready to hit the tyres and light the fires,
its 06.09 so we are already late. We had a good breakfast of salami and
cheese with hot coffee!!!!!! They also had stuff for dinners including
cartons of ice tea and more bloody sausages. Our deepest thanks go out
to the people of Ahrweiler and the sisters of the convent, their
generosity and kindness has moved us all, we hope to see them all again
sometime. We have just set of, its now 06.11. Here we go....

Lee gives us all one of his daily hello's... They are funny, kind

Well, its 08.36 and we hit rush hour, still moving but only just. The
trip is nice enough though, got music, plenty of batteries, just warm
enough, really quite pleasant. Although I wonder if I will be saying
that in another 12 hours. Just being able to sit alone and ponder the
last few weeks is great, we have done so much, perhaps much more than
recorded here, but I must say I am looking forward to reading this diary
myself reminding myself of the good times as well as those spent in
sessions of faith and discussion. Sitting here I am also pondering what
to do in terms of this diary and all the pictures I have taken. I am
going to make a website with a forum, picture gallery, and a section
where people will hopefully read this and add to it. The forum will
allow people to register and then talk about the trip, general chat,
catechesis, and just basically try and keep the Salford group in touch
with each other.

09.00: and we have stopped for a loo break; ferry is booked so we can’t
hang around for long.

10.30: and we've stopped again, this time for 30 minutes. We are in
Belgium now and making good progress. We just had a vote about whether
or not to stop at the hyper market; I don’t know the outcome of that

Ok, its 12.28 now, we have stopped for coach-go-juice, we are now in
France. So, it’s now 12.57, and we are approaching the customs, time is
tight to get the ferry, so passports are at the ready. We got through
customs easy enough, heading for ferry now. Its 13.10, just so you know.
Ok, we made it onto the ferry, but unfortunately the other coach did not
make it. We set of at 13.30 due to arrive at 15.00. We headed straight
for the café and had a meal. The crossing was a bit choppy. France was
blue-sky, which was funny because as soon as we approached England it
was shrouded in mist, typical....

Well, its 14.10 English time. Everything is normal, back on real money,
real food, proper side of the road and proper weather, the difference is
amazing. Looking upon the white cliffs, it seems to most of us like an
eternity since we left. But we are back. Were all just hoping we get
through Birmingham before the rush hour.

17.38, we are just going past Oxford, there is a singing competition
going on here, between the front and the back of the coach. I’ve given
up trying to go to sleep as I’m in the middle, the back is definitely
louder but I would say the front is better at singing. hymns, re-writes
of the ‘Saints Come Marching’ in and God knows what else, kind of funny.

18.51: we just had a nice 45 minute break at Watford gap. The other
coach has just caught up which is impressive. However we are going to
leave them as we have had a break and they are only just starting
theirs. We have just swapped drivers, we did a collection for Lee, he
seemed to appreciate it and enjoyed the trip. So it’s now 19.00 and we
are about to set of again with our new driver.

20:51: we are 24 miles from Manchester so things are looking good. This
trip is coming to an end. We have spent the trip writing in books and
saying goodbye's.

Arrived back at 21:29, it has been a long trip, they have all had one
last session of Rise and Shine, Father Michael gave us a blessing before
we arrived which has given the last 11 days a perfect ending. I then
said farewell to the people, and I hope to keep in touch with them all,
if only through my website.

And so the Journey comes to a close.

God Bless us all.
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