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Day 9 - lie-in and tour of the Cathedral.
Day 9 - lie-in and tour of the Cathedral.

Ok, we had the lie-in woo, its now 08.45 and we are getting ready for
Mass. today we have to go to Cologne as we have a tour of the Cathedral,
expecting some good photographs I think also.

We had catechesis instead of Mass at 09.00, I brought up the points of
never being alone as God is always with us, the Holy Spirit binding us
across the language barrier, and my wishes for this diary to help people
understand that they are not alone in their beliefs. We then had a
period of questions where some interesting questions came up concerning
relationships and the uniting of faiths.

We have now split up for a small break. Then we will have Mass.

Mass was nice, in a small church for a change with seven of our own
priests, the music was arranged at very short notice by our very own Ian
and co. Once Mass had finished we had a quick lunch. We then set off to
the coach which was going to take us to the train station where we where
going to catch the train to Cologne. Instead off getting of at the
central Cologne station we decided to get off at the station before and
walk across the Rhein Bridge, the central station will most definitely
be saturated with people. Let’s just hope everybody has not had the same
idea. The time is now 13.32 our Cathedral tour starts at 16.00; someone
has just changed the station to the one after the central station, a
good idea really.

We arrived at the train and got a quick ride into the station. The
station was not that bad. We then set off walking to the Cathedral; the
weather was very nice; we then got lost and ended up walking back on
ourselves for Father Simon was map reading. We found our way eventually,
and then we went to fill our water bottles but the water-tower was
broken. So we went for a slush puppy, and then a thunderstorm broke out,
and then it rained all day. We all got very wet; we walked down the
Rhein saying the Rosary. Father Simon was leading the way, it was still
pouring with rain, not to mention thunder and lightning. The whole city
centre was one big one-way walk going through the Cathedral. As we
approached the Cathedral the amount of people was immense. The queue
went slower and slower. To get to the Cathedral took two hours in the
rain, but it was well worth it. Sing along and conversation made the
queue pass more swiftly. We eventually arrived at the Cathedral and
entered, all I can say is wow! The roof must have been 100ft high. We
explored the Cathedral for a little while; could have stayed in there
all day. I got a lot of good photographs; we left and headed to the
train station as the rain was forcing us home. However we were turned
away as the station was full. So we had to walk in the pouring rain to
the next station. It then started to rain with a passion. We got soaked.
We then got into the next station and had to queue up for ages to get
the train. We eventually crawled onto the train very wet and fed up
after the massive crushed and crowds. The rain had forced everyone into
the station at the same time. It took ages to get onto the train. We got
home after making up a few songs with Craig. We finally arrived, sang
our made up songs whilst waiting for the bus back home. A we headed home
some of the girls made up a song/rap:

Jesus was cool, and he rode on a mule,

he spread the word it was heard,

he said a little prayer whilst sat on a chair

the pope is cool, but there is no mule,

he travelled in a box and it really really rocks,

he fell from the sky to do Gods will,

his name's Benedict but we call him bill, coo I e....... by Tina, Liz
and Fran.

Very intriguing..... We finally arrived back home and went straight to
the pub for a good meal, a few people went home to get changed first. A
good steak and a few beers later; everyone was feeling better. I have
been left to pay whilst the last to arrive finish eating, which is not a
problem. It is now 23.10 and this is our last night here, this time
tomorrow we will be in the pilgrim field.

ok, its 23.55 I am about to go to sleep for the last time in a bed for
the foreseeable future. Tomorrow we will be in no-doubt, one very wet
field from all the rain today.
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