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Day 4 - free day - yea right!
Ok, its 09.00! Woo, I got like a mini-lie-in! Anyway breakfast is ready,
and Mass is at 10.30 which gives us time to talk and finish our chess
game, the young lad is very good he's beat me once but I got him on the
ropes now. Anyway as I said earlier, after Mass I think we are going
straight wine tasting, can't wait. Ok I won the lad in our second game
eventually, then beat him again much quicker, I must have been out of
practice. But I got my Mojo back it would seem.

Right, it keeps on raining; we definitely brought the weather with us!
The Mass was all in German and which made it seem 15 hours long, it
finished eventually and we went outside for a coke, the beer tent was
open already; how cool is that!?

It then started to rain again; so our host family went home and we
returned to the hall for coffee and cake...hmmmm, Now we are just
chatting and writing a bit of a speech explaining why we decided to come
on World Youth Day and thanking the community.

Soon after we left and followed Manuela to a football match; seven aside
against a German team, we walked to the football pitch which was over
the river. The ground was very wet, however the grass was good and the
game went on....I joined in too, but was crap so got 'substituted' very
quickly. As we had too meet our host family we could not stay long; by
the time we left it was 7-3 to the Germans, and we only had three
because the Germans scored an own goal. We let them win.....only manners
and set of on the 45 minute walk back home. We arrived had a wash and a
cappuccino and we are now on our way to meet some of the others before
going to the wine warehouse.

We have just finished the tour and tasted us some winage! Then we all
bought a bottle or two, one girl bought seven; which was funny. We are
now on our way back to the town for the youth festival. Our last night
in Ahrweiler; a shame, we are all expecting next week to be insane. We
have found out that we are sleeping in a school hall, as in a big room,
with 100 of us, not looking forward to that at all.

The youth festival turned out to be an annual parish festival but with
more music, beer and entertainment than normal because of us lot. It was
excellent, the entertainment was great if not a little disturbing..
German fashion parade, cross-dressed cane dancers and lots of other
totally crazy stuff. We drank beer and even more beer because it was
that or more rotten sausages. The night passed swiftly on...then beer
got cheaper as today was the last day of the festivals and parties
(sob....).anyway by 01.00 everyone started going home but I stayed a
little longer, and guess what? More beer!!!! And this time it was free,
they were using up the last parts of the kegs (barrels). We eventually
set of home at 01.30 ish with our host mum because she was there in an
official capacity AKA; an organiser.

01.52: We have arrived and I have just but bits back in my bag as I am
off to Cologne (Köln) tomorrow (although I never really unpacked so that
was quick). So now I will get what is most likely to be my last night in
a comfy bed! On a completely different note, my main concern about next
week in Cologne is the fact I will most likely not have access to a plug
to charge this palm computer or my phone. My phone I can just turn on at
night or when needed which will easily make it last, but my pda will
only last a few days, I mean I may have to resort to using a pen and
paper!! Time will reveal all....
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