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Day 2 - Cake and vineyards everywhere
Well, its 7.28 and I have just had a great nights sleep; I can hear
breakfast being prepared and the clock chiming half past, time to get
up. First things first though; wash and shave....

We finished breakfast of cheese and hams and preserves and then I played
chess with the young lad of the family; he beat me hands down; we are in
the middle of a game now...

Just finished Mass and are now getting ready for cleaning grave
stones....as you do.... The weather has gone from rain to sunshine in a
matter of thirty minutes.

Cleaning gravestones turned out to be weeding....we destroyed a
perfectly good garden because we all suck. Anyway; its dinner time; and
apparently we should have a packed lunch; Me and John don’t; looks like
we are going hungry, no matter. Anyway, we've got a full day still ahead
of us; it’s spitting rain as I write this... Typical, after our
non-existent dinner we are doing another two hours of 'grave
cleaning/garden destroying'. John has forgotten to bring his tea token;
anyway best get back to not having my dinner.

Ok; turns out the last one was just a break; so now we are sitting down
to a nice meal. We are all wet through from when it just rained. We are
eating in a psychiatric hospital that has kindly provided a hot meal for
all 101+ of us. As well as us grave cleaners there where a few other
groups, each group received a brick, some were doing social workshops,
dance practice for an upcoming performance. The brick will be taken all
the way to Cologne where they will all be gathered up and used to build
a labyrinth or something similar.

We have just set off for a hill; where another group of us has erected a
large wooden cross, a direct replica of the official world youth cross.
The hill is proving steep but looks very nice covered in large vineyards
for as far as the eye can see. We've eventually arrived at the top
whilst reciting the rosary. It’s started to rain.

The rain got worse with brief gaps of nice bright sunshine; Father Simon
set us all off singing 'Our God Reigns' which was funny. We then set off
for a little coffee and cake in a hill top hut thing, which was groovy.
It was very nice cake. I had 4 pieces, butter cake!!!???? (Father Simon
was amazed that a cake could be made of butter) Well anyway; we set off
for home to get changed. The walk was very pleasant with the sun and
light breeze.

We are now changed and about to set off to the rock concert, we want to
set off early to get a good seat near the bar! All this hot sun demands
beer! Anyway I doubt we will be having any tea after all the cake;
however there are hotdogs tonight that we need a voucher to get, john
forgot his so mum (give up with family names, just calling them mum,
dad, big sister etc...) gave him hers, very kind of her; but now we are
back he is getting his anyway. Ok; I’ll just finish getting changed and
get gone....

Right, we’re here, got a beer, just chilling and waiting for the show to
start; €4.20 for two beers, bargain!

Ok; rock concert is cool; even though it’s mostly in German, some good
tunes including Evanescence and Franz Ferdinand. Anyway beer rocks too,
although standing up for four hours hurts feet. Overall today has been a
good day but arduous in terms of distance walked. The time is now 23.25,
and we are all very tired, so off to bed, we have to get up at 06.00 to
travel to Trier which is one and a half hours away due south.
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