ASCII (text) to binary
Fill in the form, dinglefritz! ;)

\n"); } // Looks good, so clean up data $text = urldecode(stripslashes($text)); // Make copy of original text for later display $orig_text = htmlspecialchars($text); // Time to process the form $convert = $_POST['convert']; if ($convert == "txt2bin") { // Convert from text to binary $text = txt2bin($text); } elseif ($convert == "bin2txt") { // Convert from binary to text $text = bin2txt($text); } else { // This shouldn't happen die("

Hmmm. Now THAT'S no good. How about go back and try again?

\n"); } // Display result //echo("

$orig_text converts to:

\n"); //echo("


\n"); } else { // Form has not been submitted, so display greeting echo("

Please enter your text below:

\n"); } // End big if ?>

text to binary
binary to text
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