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Encrypt Decrypt Tool
Welcome to the Encrypt Decrypt Tool, Provided by HeavenCore IT Solutions.

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This tool allows you to securely encrypt a string with reversible encryption (256bit Rijndael) using your own Cipher + a salt unique to this service.

Any string encrypted with a Cipher can only be decrypted with the exact same Cipher - if you dont use the same Cipher, the decrypted string will be garbage.

An SSL version of this tool is available on the following url:


Note: For security reasons (as explained here), this service only accepts POST paramaters:

  • cipher - This is the cipher unique to your application
  • value - The string you want to encrypt or decrypt
  • action - The action you want to perform, either "ENCRYPT" || "DECRYPT" (exluding quotes)

Example usage instructions will be posted shortly

Known Error Codes: