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Articles: Bob Elliot & Co Ltd Change Log
0.9.43 - Added pop-up variations window
0.9.43 - Added pop-up window if variations need adding on the add product process to remind the user to add variations, this was a request of the client after them often forgetting to add them

0.9.42 - Code maintenance
0.9.42 - fixed some spelling and tidied up some engine code, removed a few un-used variables

0.9.41 - Empty Basket Function improvements
0.9.41 - Added Empty function by request of client, previously baskets only cleared on a link on the detail view or when submitted, an extra link on mini basket etc has been added to make this clear process custom and easy

0.9.40 - Legal Fluff addition
0.9.40 - Added "discounts, quantity rates or price differences will be calculated in the office." message to basket and email system

0.9.39 - Added + and - buttons
0.9.39 - Added + and - buttons to change quantity value when ordering on the view detail page....

0.9.38 - Re-Wrote activation script
0.9.38 - Re-Wrote activation script to allow the activation of accounts on new database design

0.9.37 - New user email reminder system for admin
0.9.37 - Edited add user script to send an alert to client to remind them to activate accounts.

0.9.36 - Order System, default quantity value
0.9.36 - Added '1' as the default quantity for ordering items rather than the current default null value

0.9.35 - Backup Framework
0.9.35 - Added /backup switch to download backups at the address

0.9.34 - Product list revisions
0.9.34 - Changed output order of full product listing to arrange by code

0.9.33 - Formatted printer friendly version to output n/a on 0.00 values
0.9.33 - Formatted printer friendly version to output n/a on 0.00 values as the previous re vision did not fully re work this function due to log in restrictions.

0.9.32 - Formatted system to output n/a on 0.00 values
0.9.32 - Formatted system to output n/a on 0.00 values on product listings, printer friendly listings, search results and all other listing engines

0.9.31 - installed the carriage plugin
0.9.31 - installed the carriage plugin into mini basket, ordering system, email system and auto mailer finishing of the system to a complete end resulting email to sales, customer and alternative sales person as requested by client

0.9.30 - Removed description
0.9.30 - Removed description from enhanced mail and basket as it was taking up way too much space on the email depending on the chosen products

0.9.29 - Delivery Charge revision
0.9.29 - created links for delivery charge plug in allowing improved updates to invoices depending on its contents, and changing accordingly,