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Articles: Bob Elliot & Co Ltd Change Log
0.9.58 - putting rep on main menu
0.9.58 - Added a secure link to the reps page on the main menu, secured with authentication system.........

0.9.57 - Update admin menu
0.9.57 - Update admin menu and user menu to display rep buttons and links

0.9.56 - updated login system
0.9.56 - updated login system to check for rep status and create the relevant cookies and display the appropriate menu

0.9.55 - Registration engine update
0.9.55 - Updated create new user to add default rep status value and appropriate permissions....

0.9.54 - Users rep permission database improvement
0.9.54 - Added rep status permission to users table in database to allow for the development of rep system......

0.9.53 - Requested Layout Changes
0.9.53 - Centered several elements on front page by request of client

0.9.52 - Fixed some spelling and grammar problems
0.9.52 - Fixed some spelling and grammar problems, reworded some key elements and re-phrased a few sentances

0.9.51 - Layout revision by request of client
0.9.51 - Swapped the + and - buttons over on the add to basket feature by request of client

0.9.50 - Email functionality
0.9.50 - Added functionality to basket system to print variation to email next to product code.....

0.9.49 - Changed product listings ordering
0.9.49 - Changed product listings to order by trade price when logged in and order by rrp when not logged in, another revision by request of the client.

0.9.48 - Fixed Bugs on variation and add item
0.9.48 - Fixed Bugs on variation and add item to prevent slashes appearing, this was due t the previous revision involving magic quotes, sort of caused a chain reaction and thus all systems needed some minor revisions to correct the output

0.9.47 - Clear basket confirmation
0.9.47 - Added confirmation "are you sure?" to clear basket function

0.9.46 - slashes
0.9.46 - Fixed many problems outputting slashes, where addslashes and strip slashes where not present and magic quotes was interfering things kept getting messy, so had to disable magic quotes and go from there.

0.9.45 - Fixed Quote Problem
0.9.45 - Fixed Quote Problem which was a conflict to magic quotes random slashes where appearing everywhere, was getting well messy and not very good at all.....

0.9.44 - Re Designed Admin Menu
0.9.44 - Re Designed Admin Menu to include more ergonomic and uniform layout using buttons instead of links